2019 Highline Taikai

2019 Highline Taikai



Date: March 16th , 2019
Time: 9:30am opening ceremonies - doors open at 8:30am
Place: White Center Community Center, Steve Cox Memorial Park
Address: 1321 SW 102nd St., Seattle, WA

Please note divisions below. Only 2-dan and below may participate (exception is those who passed 3-dan in the February 2019 shinsa).

Mudansha division: Competing PNKF members will be Mudansha 16 years or older with less than 5 years of kendo practice. Individuals who have been Mudansha longer may not enter this division, but may enter the 1-2 Dan division.

1-2 Dan division: Competing PNKF members will be shodan, nidan, and Mudansha who have been practicing kendo for more than five years. Additionally, all competing PNKF members must be 16 years or older.

Tournament format:

Both the Mudansha and 1-2 Dan division formats will be round-robin, with competitors divided into groups, followed by a single elimination medal round.

The club with the highest combined score will be awarded the team cup.

Shinsa results note: Individuals testing for shodan at the February 16th , 2019 shinsa will be moved to the 1-2 Dan division if they pass. Individuals testing for sandan may enter and will still be allowed to participate if they pass their promotion exam.

There are no lunches

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