Portland Kendo Kids Class

{Ages 9-13}

The Portland Kendo Kids Class isn't just about doing kendo. Kendo was originally developed to help people become good members of society, with an aim for perseverance, focus, and etiquette. Through our kendo program, kids will grow stronger physically and mentally.

Classes are on Sundays at our IRCO practice location from 5:00-5:50pm. Beginners will work on:

  • Kendo footwork

  • Swinging practice

  • How to properly (and safely!) hit the target

  • Kiai (yelling)

  • Kendo manners and etiquette, including: focus, responding to requests, sitting/standing properly, how to hold the shinai (practice sword), etc.

  • Safety and awareness of their surroundings.

Beginner kids will be asked to show consistency in these topics before moving on to the next levels.

If you have any questions, or would like to contact us to watch a class, please email us at hello@portlandkendo.com. Or, register for the next open kids beginner class below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old does my child need to be to join a new beginner class?

We ask that new beginners be between the ages of 9-13. Mature 8 year olds will be considered, but please email us with information on your child's maturity level first before registering.

Q. What is included in the class fee?

The class fee covers three months of practice as well as a practice sword (shinai) for them to use and take home.

Q. What kind of future expenses will there be?

After the first quarter, kids will be asked to pay regular club dues. These are $60/quarter. They will also be asked to join the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation, as well as the All United States Kendo Federation. This is $60/year and renews every April.

When a child has shown they are able to focus for the whole class, and do some of the basics well enough, they will be permitted to buy a uniform, which generally come out to about $100 for a top (kendo-gi) and bottom (hakama) set. For armor (approximately 6-9 months into practice), the Portland Kendo Club has a bogu deposit program. You will need to make a deposit for the cost of the bogu (~$350). When your child outgrows the bogu they are using, they will be able to trade up to a bigger size for $50 (to cover the cost of replacing the hand/wrist guards that they used). When they buy their own set of bogu, you can trade the borrowed bogu back in and get your deposit back. Other than that, there will be occasional shinai purchases as their shinai get too small, too old, or broken.

Q. How do promotions work?

Occasionally we may do in-dojo promotions. These promotions do not cost any extra. But, at a certain point they will need to do promotions outside the dojo. These are $30 for the first few ranks.

Q. If I have any other questions, who should I contact?

Please email us at hello@portlandkendo.com with any other questions!