Portland Kendo Kids Class

ages 6-12

The Portland Kendo Kids Class isn't just about doing kendo. Kendo was originally developed to improve people. We continue that philosophy with our kids class, too. They'll learn how to do kendo, but they'll also learn how to grow into better people, too.

In our kids class, other members help the instructor to allow us to split up the class (when necessary) by age, level, and so on. Oftentimes, we are even able to give kids one-on-one attention for a portion of the class. Classes last one hour, have a couple of breaks, and are on Sundays at 5pm at our IRCO practice location. Kids work on:

  • Kendo footwork

  • Swinging practice

  • How to properly (and safely!) hit the target

  • Kiai (yelling)

  • Kendo manners and etiquette, including: focus, responding to requests, sitting/standing properly, how to hold the shinai (practice sword), etc.

  • Safety

If you have any questions, or would like to contact us to watch a class, please email us at hello@portlandkendo.com.

We allow new students into our class once per quarter. Please see the registration and payment page to choose a start date.